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I just want to tell people how I control it. The most success ive had keeping it away, and if we’re all talking about the same thing, wouldnt u give almost anything to not have this affliction? I take a Nexium and probiotic everyday in morning. I eat only ham and swiss lunchables, cheeseburgers from burger king, adult cereal like Life or Kix and chocoate ice cream. Occasionally ill have pizza with light sauce and NO MEAT TOPPINGS. What triggered the illness most of the time for me was hard-to-digest meats, spicy stuff, and prolonged stress. For instance, i was on my odd diet mentioned above and doing fine, on thanksgiving I had a slice of turkey the size of my palm, that added with holiday stress brought on a mild case of it which put me out of commission for at least 6 hours. So, no meats like ribs, steaks, whole chicken, whole turkey, beef jerky, etc. Only ground meats that r easily digestable. Find ur diet and stick to it. Again if we are talking about the same debilitating illness, a forced diet of any kind will b easy to do bcuz of how awful this illness is. Good luck.

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