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My story involves more than just gastroparesis. So I can’t really recall the first time I had most of these symptoms because well it’s been that long. Basically my whole life I would eat like a bird. I would practically eat 2-3 bites and be done. My stomach always feels full and I feel nauseous all the time. and the first time I really got to bring it up in a doctor’s office was about 2-3 years ago. They tested me for gastroparesis which ended up being a positive test and they scheduled me for an endoscopy and found that I had 2 Hiatal hernias, SMA syndrome, acid reflux, etc. Once my doctor actually sat down and gave me my diagnosis she told me I had 2 options we can fix it now or since it’s minor, we won’t have to worry about it right now but we will need to monitor it and of course the diet. With this diet, it’s like I can’t find any food that won’t affect my stomach. Probably in my 6th-grade year in 2016, I started getting really dizzy feeling like I was going to pass out, and about 2 weeks before my birthday this year, so on August 16, I got really lightheaded closer to passing out than I have ever been. I’d get really pale the room would be spinning id see what looked like static on an old television. So because she told me it was minor I said ok this shouldn’t be hard after a while it started to get hard and more difficult because my symptoms keep worsening. Well, she moved and I got a new doctor he said the same thing and I said I changed my mind I want this surgery, and lets just I’ve said that about 5 times with no response so now I’m in search of someone who will help. I’m tired of my body feeling like this and I’m tired of seeing my parents stress and fight.

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