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My name is Jaden, I’m 24 years old from Vancouver, Washington. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year and I’m still struggling. I was sent to five specialists to try to determine what is causing this but no luck. The last specialist I was going to see before losing my job and my medical benefits, was a doctor to check for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I have severe pain in my legs, weakness and vomit daily. I’ve done the best I can to manage my pain and maintain food and hydration at home but, it is a struggle. I am a stubborn hard headed person, but I couldn’t wrap my head around getting a GES (device that they install into the stomach wall to send electronic pluses to the stomach muscles). That is not the quality of life I wish for myself.
The unknown future of my illness is what scares me the most. Waking up everyday, thankful that I’m able to eat but also petrified that tomorrow may be the day I can’t.
I am happy. I am thankful for this beautiful life I’ve been blessed to enjoy so far. I’ve accepted my illness. Now it’s accepting whatever comes with it.
Thank you for reading – I hope you’re well and smiling today!

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