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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 19 years old. I had to change my lifestyle in order to be healthy and get in under control! I began eating healthy and working out, therefore losing weight and for the most part doing good! Recently, it happened overnight, I was throwing up every time I ate food. I had thought to myself that this was possibly food poisoning or stomach bug….it was not. This continued for about 2 weeks when I finally booked an appointment with a GI. They performed an endoscopy on me and determined I had diabetic gastroparesis. Since then I have lost about 25 pounds and can barely function. I am so exhausted and have zero energy to life my daily life and work! I tried Reglan which is a serotonin and dopamine blocker which was not good for my mental health. I now have an upcoming procedure to inject Botox into my stomach to help with this. I feel so hopeless and alone. I feel no one around me truly understands what it is like to legit not be able to eat solid food at all. Another thing they don’t tell you is how hard this is mentally. I find myself self isolating because most things involve food or everyone around you is enjoying food. I am trying to stay positive and keep pushing through!

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