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My story started around 2008 and it took 6 years to get a correct diagnosis for my Gastroparesis. My health issues all started when I was working with a family member. First my blood pressure went sky high, then I started having stress and anxiety problems. A few years before this all started I was using some cleaning fluid to remove spots from some clothes, not thinking about breathing in fumes from the cleaner while working in my small laundry room. I could not eat because I got so full so fast and I was short of breath and of course that caused panic attacks. I dropped 35 lbs in less than 6 months, which I was glad to lose the weight but not the way I did. That started my journey to find a doctor or doctors who could or may help me. I was told I had damaged my airways and so was put on meds for asthma and other sort of breathing meds. They helped some but then it just seem to get worse. I had an upper and lower scope, twice on the upper, was told they didn’t see anything wrong. I never had a problem of throwing up but I would feel nauseous. Was told to stay away from oranges, tomatoes, onions, all citrus type of foods. Oh was told I had GERD. One doc even put me on IBS meds which just about killed me. Finally after years of research, going to doctor after doctor, a friend had me go see her Gastro doctor and he did a stomach emptying test. That is when I found out what disease I had. It is an awful disease and I hate it everyday. Low residue diet is how I am suppose to eat, everything white, no raw fruits or veggies, nothing that is good for me. Anyway I have been taking medicine for about 6 months and the first one was one that could cause Parkinson disease or cause your head to freeze to one side. Told doc do not want to take that med so he switched me over to a med I have to get compounded and insurance doesn’t pay so it cost me $92.00 per month. WOW and on a SS check at that. Anyway this med is not really helping, but the doctor said there is no cure and will just have to live with it. Easy to say when you don’t have the disease, but you know there is always someone worse off than you are. I think this way to get through the day. I have eyes to see, ears to hear, legs to walk and arms to love people with. I have a home and family and friends who love me. Now all I need is for someone to find a cure or something that really works on this awful disease. Good luck to all you dealing with what I have and may God Bless and Comfort you.

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