My name is Bonnie,I been suffering with this stomach problem now for 2yrs.I live on tpn feeding.Chronic vomiting and nausea 24 7 .I had a stimulator put in oct.So far still the same.This gastroparesis really yanks your life apart.I pray everyday to feel some what of a humane again.I feel weak all the time .They say theres no cure.We who have this need to still keep are heads up high and make sure you have a doctor that understands how you feel.Someday I hope just to be off tpn.I dont see that happening for awhile.I missed 1 day it and wow did I feel like I was going down.If the stimulator dont work well I will have to talk to the doc and see if there are other options. to all with this I pray and wish everyone the best.This is a long journey

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