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Hi My name is April!!! I am so excited to share my story! Omg first and foremost to everyone living with this God awful disease Gastroparesis I love you and I am praying for you constantly! Well I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was pregnant with my youngest son! Horrible at keeping my levels under control thinking ir was a game! Well in 2010 I had my first set of symptoms and didn’t know! I was at work and I started hurting and vomiting everywhere o was rushed to the ER they made me eat some God awful radioactive eggs! Then I had to just wait! They never told me what was going on I got better and never thought about it again! Then in May of 2012 I was at work again, stomach started hurting again, this time I had to eat radioactive oatmeal!! Again God awful! Well this time I had to resign from my job bc I wasn’t getting better! I have DOUBLE Ds!!! When I say they went down to A CUPs I knew it was a problem! I started at 142 ended up at 93! 50 lbs within 3 months! I wanted to die! Every time I would go to the ER they would think I’m addicted to pain mess but let’s keep it real u guys know that’s all we really have to make it go away! I saw dr after dr! Then we decided to get the stimulator! 60,000 might I add! Well insurance paid of course! Only 20.00 bucks opp! My surgeon who was 300 miles away had the remote and he has to keep tweeting it over a course of months! That still really didn’t work! My family put me in the behavior health bc I wanted to die!!! I couldn’t recognize myself and the pain was unbearable! I would make myself vomit to get relief! My kids cried constantly! Well my fiancé (the greatest most patient man on Earth) pushed me into caring again! We started doing our own research! So I noticed I would really only have flare ups when I’m about to have a period! So Gastroparesis also makes women have endometriosis! So we figured if we could maybe stop the pain we could maybe relieve some symptoms! So I asked my Dr to put me on Depo Prevera saying that that could kill 2 birds with 1 stone! No more periods and I heard it makes u gain weight! Omg I promise on my life it started working almost instantly! I took the shot the beginning of July I started feeling better within a few weeks! Well of course you have to take the shot every three months and I forgot! I had been good the whole 3 months then around October I got sick again! Had to take a 3 week loa from my job that I had just started 7/7! So my dr put me back on the shot I got better within a few weeks and I have been taking my shots and feeling healthy and living my life again!!! I’m currently 146! I know everyone isn’t the same but if this could just help 1 person I would be a happy soul! I don’t wish this pain on my enemy!! Hope u enjoyed!

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