hi am mandi, my gastroparesis story .It over 4 years ago i almost completely fated in Walmart and i couldn’t walk back home . after so many test and so many diets i couldn’t find out what was going on .i got to point i felt i was dieing .then i change my diet i was feeling better and all was fine tell it cost to much but i moved on with my life and move to Cali .when got there i started getting bad again but least i can ride bike and dance but no clue that would no longer be in my life .to the point i couldn’t do anything anymore when i move back to Oregon i got so sick that i couldn’t walk ,stuck in bed anymore ,cant do normal everyday house everyone can and then i was diagnosed with gastroparesis .Gastroparesis is a horrible illness .it differnt for everyone .but my case it gets worse . your nazua, you puke ,take energies to get up from bed ,always sleepy and always feel hungry . gastroparesis means your stomach is well guess say mostly paralyzed . so you cant eat like everyone else takes so long just digest food .for me i bad am down to baby food .there way maybe help it but there no cure yet out there . i am choosing pace maker way it well help pump my stomach n get me to eat soft food but ill never in my life be able eat normal again might help me be more functional but not be back to normal life . and all i want to walk again am down to wheel chair for going out most times . i appreciate what we get in life so much more now i would be happy just be able to normal life chores ,eat ,sleep and walk . i don’t even mind if have never do dancing again as a career . but if i get walk again that brings me happiness .there so much to gp i cant explain the pain and everything comes with it and your body shutting down .right now for me i vomit blood ,i am in wheel chair ,i cant do chores most the time when i do i do them to be happy . and also my liver and brain not functioning like use to . this is life of gastroparesis i hope to live well with gp soon . wont function normal but i live well .thanks hearing my story

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