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I’m 53 years old and was disgnoised with Cardiac Sarcoidosis in 2019. I had a ICD device implanted December of that same year. I had been battling chest pains since 2015, and received conflicting medical disgnoises as to if I had heart attact in 2016, although two Cardiac MRI suggest it. In addition, Cardiac MRI suggest Myocarditis, while PET scans suggest that no sarcoids Was found in no other Organs in my body. Im also experiencing delayed stomach Empyting, which has been disgnoised as Gastroparesis, only Im experiencing weight gain, not weight loss nor vomitting associated with the disease. I do expérience difficulty with managening my type 2 diabetes, and have frequent arm, belching, bloating, chest pain, upper sternum pain at times, tha radiates in my back. Sometimes a dull ache is felt in my rear teeth on right and left side at time. I do feel weak and tired at times. I dont know if my diagnosis is correct.

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