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Hello my name is Amy my daughter Briana is 17 with Gastroparesis, GERD and irritable bowel.  She has had stomach problems off and on her whole life.  She has had 16 surgeries and 2 of them were open heart surgeries.  Because of the open heart surgeries she has GERD and off and on Esophgitis.  The past couple years she would get sick from eating and drinking.  All the doctors said it was anxiety and in her head.  I was not sure what to believe.  I always took her to the doctors and they couldn’t find anything.  About 3 months ago my daughters pediatrician referred us to  gastro doctor at U of M Motts Children’s Hospital.  Right away she thought Briana had a delay.  About 3 weeks ago she did the gastric emptyimg scan.  It showed she has a delay in her liquids.  The test was about 5 hours.  She did the food and liquids.  It makes total sense now because whenever we went out to eat she would drink her fluids and then get sick where she couldn’t eat.  We had no clue at the time.  Briana is having a very hard time. She can’t drink and is become dehydrated all the time.  The doctors started her on 3 new meds.  Because she can’t do liquids she  is going to be doimgIV fluids once or twice a week. Is theee any one else with liquid form of Gastroparesis?  Because it’s the liquid form she does mor qualify for any of the procedures.  We are not sure what to do about this.  It’s new to us and we are trying to learn everything we can.  Is there other sites or more information?  

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