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"Wishes cost nothing, unless you want them to come true."

Medical advances most likely happen when people explain that they need help, and then take steps to make sure that help is forthcoming. It is not just the number of people who are ill that makes a difference, but the number of people who strategically speak out that makes an impact. Wishing that “they” find answers doesn’t work – but explaining your needs to the persons who fund, regulate, and perform research does work.

Through advocacy or by supporting research, you can add your voice to those who are making the changes to help ensure that answers come sooner rather than later.

Advocate for Change

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What it means to be an advocate – someone who speaks out and works with others to create meaningful, positive change. Let your voice be heard.

Taking Action for Digestive Health

The Functional GI and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act

Make Your Voice Heard